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2012-2013 Policy Year

To maximize benefits and incur the lowest out-of-pocket costs, students should first seek care at the Student Health Center, Counseling Consultation Service, College of Optometry Clinics, or the College of Dentistry Student clinics.  When these facilities are closed, use a network primary care or urgent care provider.  In the case of emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Medical, Vision and Prescription Drug Benefits


      At-A-Glance Summary (highlights) of the 2012-2013 Plan:  Click Here

      Benefits overview (easy to read chart format) of the 2012-2013 Plan:  Click Here

      Summary Plan Description (details) 2012-2013 Plan:   Click Here 


Beginning with Autumn 2012, Aetna Student Health will service the OSU Student Health Plan.  On Aetna's student health website, you will be able to find important information on how to:

  • Find a network provider or medical facility
  • Print an ID card
  • Check the status of claims

Medical, vision and prescription drug benefits for services covered students received at the Wilce Student Health Center are processed internally by Student Health Services.  Benefits for covered dependents are processed by Aetna Student Health. Contact Patient Accounts at the Student Health Center for questions regarding your Student Health Services bill.  

Vision benefits for services covered students receive at the 338 W. 10th Ave location are processed internally by Ohio State Optometry Services.   An explanation of benefits statement is not generated for these paid services.   Contact Patient Accounts at the College of Optometry 614-292-1010 for questions regarding your bill. Claims for covered dependents are processed by Aetna Student Health.

Students can also check the status of their specific medical benefits and associated claims through the website for our medical claims administrator at the following site:

Dental Benefits


Summary description of the 2012-2013 dental coverage:  click here 

Detailed description of the 2012-2013 dental certificate of coverage: click here 

Delta Dental of Ohio services and underwrites the dental component of the plan.  On Delta Dental's website, you will find important information on how to:

  • Find a Delta Dental PPO or Premier Network dentist located off Columbus campus
  • Print a dental ID card and/or check the status of claims (link to the Consumer Toolkit)
  • Request assistance with eligibility, predetermination of coverage, claims or general questions about coverage.

Dental benefits and network are provided through Delta Dental of Ohio. Delta Dental has a large network of providers which insured students and their dependents can use for those services.

Vision Benefits

Eye Exam Benefit/Network: One annual eye exam is subject to a co-pay of $15. There are no network restrictions.  Insured students and their dependents may go to any licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist*.

*For services provided by Student Health Services or OSU College of Optometry Clinics, payment will be made in full after a $15 co-pay. Services provided by an off-campus provider will be paid up to $50 after the co-pay. Off-campus providers may bill the balance of charges exceeding the maximum provider insurance reimbursement of $50.

Eyewear Benefit/Network: Student Health Services and OSU College of Optometry Clinics will discount their charge for eye glass lenses and frames by 20% when a complete pair of prescription eye glasses is purchased. In addition, Student Health Services and OSU College of Optometry Clinics will discount the contact lens professional fitting fee by 15%. Discount limited to eyewear provided at Student Health Services (students only) and OSU College of Optometry Clinics (students and dependents).  No off-campus discount will be provided.

A $100 annual allowance for prescription eyeglasses or contact lens provided by the College of Optometry at the Student Health Center or W. 10th Ave. locations is available for students only.  Dependents are not eligible for this benefit.