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The 1095-B Tax Form: Your unique health insurance verification

August 14, 2018

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act includes a requirement that many people have health insurance or pay a penalty. Compliance with this mandate is administered by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)*. The IRS requires health insurance companies to report the individuals they covered per tax year. The reports need to include Social Security Numbers (SSN) or International Tax Identification Numbers (ITIN) to distinguish unique individuals. Insurance companies are also required to give individuals a copy of what they have reported, in the form of a tax form called 1095B. *Information on this page shoud not be considered tax advice or guidance.

If you have been a covered member of the Comprehensive Plan in tax year 2015 or later, the insurance companies for the plan during that year (the company that issues you your insurance card) will ask you to submit your personal information, including your SSN or ITIN. You have the option to comply with the requests. Note: Insurance companies will provide secure methods to submit your information. Never provide your SSN or ITIN over the phone.

For members in tax years:
2018 (Coverage periods SP18, SU18, AU18)
2017 (Coverage periods SP17, SU17, AU17)
2016 (Coverage periods SP16, SU16, AU16)

UnitedHealthcare is the provider. To confirm your information:

  • Visit and log in or create your MyAccount.
  • Once logged in, use the left navigation bar to navigate to the Tax InformationMy Personal Information, and Email Preferences areas to enter and/or confirm the following information: Name; SSN or ITIN; Date of Birth; Mailing Address; Email Address.
  • Under Tax Information, you can select electronic or paper delivery of your 1095B.
  • UHCSR contact information: 844-206-0374. Please note that customer service representatives will not be able to collect your Social Security Number over the phone.