Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience

Health insurance is required for campus.

Protect yourself with adequate health insurance

Before you come to campus, make sure your health insurance will be there when you need it. 

Stay informed

Stay informed

We post regularly to our news and articles section. Watch your email for announcements and reminders, too.  

Print your Member ID card

Print your Member ID Card

Members of the 2016-17 Comprehensive Plan can print a temporary Member ID Card using their online UnitedHealthcare StudentResources My Account. Permanent cards will be mailed in mid-September. 

What We Do

We manage the university's requirement and provide options to meet it. We support students to make informed health insurance choices so they can help protect their academic progress from disruptive health care costs.

What We Offer

The Comprehensive Plan is medical, mental health, prescription, vision and dental benefits with local, national, and international coverage. The WilceCare Supplement is pre-paid illness and injury care at the Wilce Student Health Center.

Select or Waive

Each academic year students can select or waive the Comprehensive Plan. Selection is the default. A waiver requires other adequate health insurance. Have you reviewed what you have and will need?