Office of Student Life

Change Requests After the Select/Waive deadline

Have you experienced a Qualifying Event?

  • You must submit a Qualifying Event Form within 31 days of the date of the Qualifying Event to request to add or drop the Student Health Benefits Plan coverage. You must meet minimum eligibility requirements for the term in which the Qualifying Event occurs.
  • For approved requests to ADD coverage: Coverage will become effective the day of the Qualifying Event, and the pro-rated cost will be posted to your University Statement of Account.
  • For approved requests to TERMINATE coverage: Coverage will terminate on the first day of the following term coverage period and there will be no pro-rata refund of premium.

Did you miss the select / waive deadline? 

  • If you missed the select / waive deadline, you may submit a Petition to Waive  for consideration during the current policy year. Petition to Waive requests are not accepted for a policy year that has already ended. 
  • You may submit a Petition to Enroll to request consideration for a retroactive change in coverage due to special circumstances or if you are unable to enroll online in your Student Center.