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FAQs for members graduating in spring

April 4, 2017

[Copy of email sent on Tuesday April 4]

Congratulations on your upcoming spring graduation! We are writing to remind you that your current Comprehensive Student Health Benefits Plan coverage will end August 14, 2017. Visit our information for graduating members or read FAQs below. 

Q: I am not leaving Ohio State. Can I ignore this email?

  • We contacted you because your academic record indicates Expected Graduation in Spring 2017. If your eligibility continues into the 2017-18 year (for example, you move from a master's degree to a doctoral program), you may certainly again select the Comprehensive Plan for next year.   

Q: Can I continue my Comprehensive Plan coverage past August 14 through COBRA or another option?  

  • No. There are no continuation options available for the Comprehensive Plan. (COBRA applies to employer group health plans, which the Comprehensive Plan is not.)

Q: How do I get a document that shows my coverage is ending? I need one to enroll in another plan. 

  • Call HealthSmart at 1-844-206-0374 to request a Certificate of Coverage. The certificate will show the start and end date of your Comprehensive Plan coverage.  

Q: What are some options if I need coverage after August 14?

  • Coverage with an employer. If you are starting a new job that offers health insurance, ask your employer about enrollment opportunities and what you need to do and when.  
  • Coverage under a parent's health insurance if you are under age 26. The loss of your Comprehensive Plan coverage is an event that may allow you to obtain coverage per the terms of your parent’s policy. Make sure you comply with deadlines stipulated by the policy and/or employer. 
  • Coverage through a reputable source like the Health Insurance Marketplace at, the Ohio State Alumni Association, or a major health insurance carrier that offers individual policies. The loss of your Comprehensive Plan coverage is an event that should trigger a special window of time where you can enroll in other plans, including Health Insurance Marketplace ones. Note: Special enrollment windows are often time-sensitive, such as requiring you to enroll within 30 days of your coverage loss. Make sure you comply with deadlines and confirm specific start dates of any new option so you avoid gaps! 

If you have any additional questions, please contact our office. Best wishes for continued success, and congratulations again!