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The SHI Benefits Plan has a "tiered" structure that shapes the costs you can expect based on your choice of provider. You can reduce your cost responsibility if you choose providers in Tier One or Tier Two. Review your summary brochure for complete details about coverage rates at each tier. Scroll to the bottom of the page for information on dental providers and pharmacy locations. 

 $ Tier One Providers: Your lowest cost options 

$$ Tier Two Providers: Your next lowest cost options  


Behavioral Health (Mental Health)

Urgent care / After hours care

Vision (Eye exam benefit only)

$$$ Tier Three Providers: Your higher cost options 


  • UHC Options PPO Network providers in Franklin County (enter Franklin County zip codes for your search criteria) and not within the OSU Health Plan Network.

Behavioral Health (Mental Health)

  • United Behavioral Health Network providers in Franklin County (enter Franklin County zip codes for your search criteria) and not within the OSU Health Plan Network

Urgent care / After hours care

  • UHC Options PPO Network providers in Franklin County (enter Franklin County zip codes for your search criteria)  and not within the OSU Health Plan Network

Vision (Eye exam benefit only)

$$$$ Tier Four Providers: Your highest cost options 

  • All other providers 


Online Providers

  • HealthiestYou provides 24/7 access to licensed medical and mental health doctors and providers regarding diagnosis and treatment of many illnesses.  Choose your provider based on your preferences and needs.  Appointments are available 7 days a week by phone or video.


Providers Outside the United States

  • If you are outside of the United States and require medical care, please call UnitedHealthcare Global to arrange services you need to ensure you receive the correct benefits. Call collect, 1-410-453-6330. Email:


DENTAL Provider Options

**See important note about Pediatric Dental below***

Most cost-savings:


**Pediatric Dental**: Members under 19 are automatically covered by the UHCSR pediatric dental benefit as primary and the Delta Dental pediatric benefit as secondary. Using both can reduce your exposure to the $500 pediatric dental deductible. To maximize your coverage, you need to show both your UHCSR Member ID and your Delta Dental Member ID Cards to your providers -- ask them to bill both, starting with HealthSmart. Make sure you see providers in the Delta Dental premier or PPO networks (or use the SHS and College of Dentistry Student Clinic). 


  • Providers outside the Student Health Services, College of Dentistry Student Clinic, College of Dentistry Faculty Practice, or Delta Dental PPO/Delta Dental Premier Network 



At the Wilce Student Health Center Pharmacy or a HealthSmartRX Network Pharmacy, you pay only your co-insurance when you pick up your prescription. Most major chain pharmacies are in network for HealthSmartRx, including but not limited to CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and WalMart. You can confirm the pharmacy you’re using is in-network by contacting HealthSmartRx at 1.800.681.6912.

All specialty medications must be filled through Accredo Specialty Pharmacy.  Accredo does not have storefront locations. Medications are shipped directly to you.  Patients can manage their prescriptions via patient portal at or by contacting Accredo at 1.877.222.7336.  Providers can contact Accredo at 1.866.716.7204 for assistance with prescriptions for their patients.

For all other pharmacies, you must pay upfront in full and then submit a claim form for reimbursement at the plan rate.