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NOTICE: We comply with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). If you are not designated in a student's active Student Information Release, we cannot share information with you. Without a release, protected information includes a student's selection or waiver and associated fees.   



Additional 2023-24 Resources

  • Find a Provider - Search where to go for coverage under the SHI Benefits Plan
  • UHCSR Summary Brochure - Full details of what's covered and not covered
  • Delta Dental Summary Brochure for dental coverage for students age 19 and older 
  • 2023 National Preferred Formulary for HealthSmart - For a full reference guide of all covered drugs, contact HealthSmartRX directly at 1-800-681-6912.
  • HealthSmart Benefit Solutions manages SHI Benefits Plan claims, which means they coordinate bill payments associated with benefits that members utilize. Tel: 1-844-206-0374 or visit their site to access claims to understand what’s paid and what’s not. HealthSmart RX is the administrator for prescription drug claims, and you can call them at 1-800-681-6912.


 Additional 2022-23 Resources