Office of Student Life

Student Health Insurance

Eligibility for the Student Health Benefits Plan

International Student Eligibility

International Students are required to enroll in Student Health Insurance as a condition of their enrollment at The Ohio State University regardless of credit hours. Students may be eligible for an exemption if they meet specific criteria.

International students that reside in their home country and enroll only in distance learning courses are excluded from the requirement. 

Domestic Student Eligibility

All registered Domestic Students enrolled in a degree program and enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours for undergraduates, at least four (4) credit hours for graduate and professional students and at least three (3) credit hours for post-candidacy doctoral students are automatically enrolled in this insurance plan. 

Students who do not meet the minimum credit hour requirements are not eligible to purchase the Student Health Insurance.

Please note credit hours in the following courses/programs do not count towards the minimum credit hour requirement:

  • Graduate - Non-degree* or Visitor (* Students may petition to enroll for an exception if the non-degree course is graduate level, and the student has a current academic year application on file with the Graduate School.)
  • Undergraduate - Non-degree, Visitor, Academy
  • Law - Non-degree or Casual
  • Courses designated as Continuing Education
  • Courses taken as Audit
  • Distance Learning credit hours (as denoted by “mode of instruction”) in absence of eligible campus based in person credit hours and/or fees. Students meeting the required credit hours may petition to enroll. 
  • Online Academic Degree Programs (in the absence of campus based in person credit hours and/or fees)

Students taking one of the approved exception course numbers representing co-ops, internship, study abroad, and thesis or dissertation research will be automatically enrolled, and the health insurance premium will be included in their fees regardless of credit hours unless the student waives coverage.

It is your responsibility to view your online Statement of Account at the beginning of each academic term (and any time your course enrollment changes) to confirm it reflects the correct SHI Benefits Plan level.


Dependent Coverage and Plan Levels

During the first Select/Waive period of each academic year, eligible students can select the following levels of the SHI Benefits Plan: 

  • Student Only (default)
  • Student + Spouse/Domestic Partner 
  • Student + Child
  • Student + Spouse/Domestic Partner + Child
  • Student + 2 or more Children
  • Student + Spouse/Domestic Partner + 2 or more Children

If you select a new level of coverage, your fee will change according to the level you select (view Rates, Dates, and Deadlines for current rates). The new fee post to your Statement of Account within 1-3 business days. It will not post immediately. It is your responsibility to confirm the correct fee posts.  

Eligible Dependents: 

  1. The student’s legal spouse
  2. The student's same or opposite sex domestic partner
  3. The student’s unmarried child(ren)* under age 26

“Children” includes: 

  • Biological children
  • Stepchildren
  • Foster children
  • Adopted children from the date of placement in the student’s home and who depend on the student for their support
  • Children for whom the student has been granted legal custody
  • Children for whom the student has legal obligation to provide coverage due to a court order


Domestic Partnerships

To enroll a Domestic Partner as a dependent, you must be registered with the City of Columbus Domestic Partner registry prior to the start of a coverage period and provide SHI a copy of your personalized certificate and a copy of the notarized application upon request.