Office of Student Life

Waiver Procedures

To WAIVE the Student Health Benefits Plan before the deadline:

If you wish to select the WilceCare Supplement in addition to a waiver, visit the Selection Procedures page.

Tip: Have your insurance card or policy materials on hand before you begin! Be ready to enter the policy group number, policyholder’s name and ID number, and insurance contact information. 

  1. Log into your My Buckeye Link
  2. Click the My Buckeye Link Student login tile, then enter your name.# login credentials.
  3. On the left side of the page, locate the Student Health Insurance title bar in the Finances area.
  4. Click the Select/Waive Coverage link. 
  5. Click the button next to Waive SHI Benefits Plan (I have other medical insurance for the academic year). 
  6. Select the Academic Term from the drop-down menu and click Next.  
  7. Click the magnifying glass icon to select the name of your insurance company from an alphabetized list of common insurance companies that appears. If your insurance company does not appear in the drop-down listing, select “Other” from the list, and type your insurance's name into the “Insurance Company Other” box that appears below.  
  8. Continue to enter all required information as prompted until you get to the Confirmation page.  A confirmation number means you have successfully completed the waiver submission process.
    Note:  Retain your confirmation number for your records.  You may access it at any point in your My Buckeye Link via the "View Insurance Information" link.                                                                                   
  9. Your waiver will be confirmed as active when the Student Health Benefits Plan fee does not post to your Statement of Account, which can take 1-2 business days to process. For example, if you receive your waiver confirmation screen on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, a student health insurance fee may still be on your account through Tuesday.

Check your Statement of Account each semester to make sure it reflects the appropriate health insurance selection or waiver, regardless of who is paying your bill and/or your academic program’s involvement in your registration.

Note: If the insurance information you’ve entered in your waiver changes at any point in the year, please email a copy of your new insurance card or policy information to so that our records adequately reflect your active coverage. 


To WAIVE the Student Health Benefits Plan after the deadline:

If you are unable to initiate or complete the waiver process in My Buckeye Link before the deadline because:

  • you missed the deadline, OR
  • you receive an error message in your student center, OR
  • you are an international student who may qualify for an exemption as noted in this link

you must submit a Petition to Waive request for consideration.

Petition to Waive requests are NOT accepted for a policy year that has already ended.