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Looking For Ways To Save on Prescription Costs?

January 22, 2024

The Student Health Benefits Plan uses the HealthSmart Rx National Preferred formulary - a list of medications covered by your policy.  Click here to view the 2024 formulary.  If you have questions about your prescriptions, contact HealthSmart Rx directly at 1-800-681-6912. 

Is there a way to save money on my prescriptions?

Many drug manufactures increase the cost of their prescription drugs every year. You may notice the impact of this the next time you pick up a prescription.  Here are a few suggestions that can save you money on your next prescription:

  • Generic medications - work with your doctor/healthcare professional to use generic medications when possible and appropriate. Learn what medications are on your prescription drug formulary (a list of covered medications) to understand how much you will pay out of pocket for certain prescriptions.
  • Shop around – different pharmacies may have different prices for the same medication 
  • Prescription discount card programs - these are discount programs that offer coupons or discount cards that can be used at any pharmacy within the prescription discount card company’s pharmacy network. Some examples are: GoodRx, HealthSmart Rx savings card, Discount Drug Network to name a few.
    • Can I use these if I have health insurance? Yes, you will pay the cost of the drug through the discount program.  Your prescription will not be submitted to insurance.  There are times when the cost of the drug may be less than your coinsurance under your benefits plan. (Note: if you pay for the drug through the discount program, it will not count towards your annual out of pocket maximum.)
    • Does it cost to get one of these cards?  Many are free, although some do charge a small fee.
    • Make sure you read and follow the directions for each discount plan, so you know how to save the most money. (You can sign up for more than one.) Some offer mobile apps so you can compare prices before you get to the pharmacy.
    • To Note: these discount programs are not covered by HIPAA. However, pharmacies are covered by HIPAA and do not disclose personally identifiable information to the discount card company when you fill a prescription.

If you have questions about the Student Health Benefits Plan, call or email us.  We are here to help!

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