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Annual Academic Year Selection

Annual Academic Year Selection

Once you select the SHI Benefits Plan, your coverage stays in place for the entire remaining academic year if you meet eligiblity. You cannot drop or change term by term. Changes are limited to Qualifying Events.

Students that waived coverage for autumn semester may newly select coverage for Spring/Summer through My Buckeye Link.    

Deadlines, Rates and Date



Selections are considered annual selections. Select/Waive is completed in My Buckeye Link. 

  • Once a student selects the SHI Benefits Plan, and they continue to meet eligibility, coverage is effective for the entirety of the remaining policy year and cannot be changed term-to-term within the policy year. For example, you cannot drop coverage for spring/summer coverage period if you selected it in autumn. 
  • Exceptions are limited to Qualifying Events
  • If a student waives the SHI Benefits Plan for autumn period, they can newly select coverage for spring/summer if they need to. 

Coverage Period

Start Date

End Date

S/W Deadline  

Full Policy Year (Autumn and Spring/Summer)




Autumn 2018




Spring/Summer 2019




Summer only 2019*




*Summer only is an option for students who were not enrolled in previous semesters of the academic year. 

2018-19 RATES

    The student health insurance (medical, dental and vision) cost is billed as a semester fee, not a per month charge. 

  • The fee can be paid in installments during the semester by using Tuition Option Payment Plan (TOPP).
  • Financial Aid can be used towards the fee.
  • Students will be billed for autumn and spring semesters if they select in autumn and continue to meet eligibility. The fee for spring semester includes summer coverage. 


Coverage Level 

Fee Billed

Per Semester

For comparison

purposes: Policy Year Per

Month Average

Policy Year Total

(Both Semesters)

Summer Only*


$ 1626



$ 813

Student + Spouse

$ 3252



$ 1626

Student + Child

$ 3252



$ 1626

Student + Spouse + Child

$ 4878



$ 2439

Student + 2 or more Children

$ 4878



$ 2439

Student + Spouse +2 or more Children

$ 6504



$ 3252


  • Funded graduate students can visit Ohio State Human Resource's Student Employee Benefits webpage for information about subsidies and health insurance options. If you are receiving a graduate subsidy where your department is paying 85% of your SHI Benefits Plan fee, your 15% will be deducted from the first four monthly paychecks in Autumn semester (September, October, November, December) and in Spring semester (January, February, March, April). For additional questions related to fee payment or charges, funded graduate students should call the Buckeye Link Office at 614-292-0300.   


 2018-19 RATES - WilceCare Supplement

The fee for WilceCare is $225 annually. The fee will show on your Statement of Account. For most students, the fee appears for autumn term. 

If you newly select WilceCare before January 1 for spring term (and you didn't select it for autumn), the fee is also $225 and will appear in spring.