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Student Health Insurance

Deadlines, Rates and Dates


The Select/Waive process is completed in My Buckeye Link. Selections are considered annual and remain in place for the remainder of the academic year. 

  • Once a student selects the SHI Benefits Plan (and they continue to meet eligibility), coverage is effective for the entirety of the remaining policy year and cannot be changed term-to-term within that policy year. 
    • For example, if you select coverage for autumn coverage period, you cannot drop coverage for the spring/summer coverage period. 
  • Exceptions are limited to Qualifying Events
  • If a student waives the SHI Benefits Plan for autumn period, they can newly select coverage for spring/summer if they meet eligibility.   
  • REMEMBER it is your responsibility to view your online Statement of Account at the beginning of each academic term (and any time there is a change to your course enrollment) to confirm it reflects the correct SHI Benefits Plan level.

Coverage Period

Start Date

End Date

Select / Waive


Full Policy Year (Autumn 2021 and Spring/Summer 2022)




Spring/Summer 2022




Summer only 2022*




 *Summer only is an option for students who were not enrolled in previous semesters of the academic year. 

2021-22 RATES

The SHI Benefits Plan, which includes medical, mental health, prescription, dental and vision coverage, is billed per semester.  The fee is generally due on the university tuition due date.  The due date is located on your Statement of Account.

Please note that the fee for spring semester includes summer coverage.

Coverage Level 

Fee Billed

Per Semester

For comparison

purposes: Policy Year Per

Month Average

Policy Year Total

(Both Semesters)

Summer Only


$ 1683



$ 842

Student + Spouse

$ 3366



$ 1683

Student + Child

$ 3366



$ 1683

Student + Spouse + Child

$ 5049



$ 2525

Student + 2 or more Children

$ 5049



$ 2525

Student + Spouse +2 or more Children

$ 6732



$ 3366



2021-22 RATES - WilceCare Supplement

The fee for WilceCare is $225 annually. The fee will show on your Statement of Account. For most students, the fee appears for autumn term. 

If you newly select WilceCare before January 1, 2022 for spring term (and you did not select it for autumn), the fee is also $225 and will appear in spring.