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Select/Waive Instructions


1. Before the start of their first term of each academic year, students can choose one of three student health insurance options by completing a process called Select/Waive Coverage in their My Buckeye Link. The options are: 

  • Comprehensive Student Health Benefits Plan, OR
  • Waiver + WilceCare Supplement*, OR
  • Waiver*

The choice must be submitted before the published Select/Waive deadline of the student's initial term of enrollment each academic year. Completing the Select/Waive process will generate a confirmation number. This confirmation number designates that the choice process was successfully completed, but it does not confirm activation of that choice: whether the choice goes into effect is confirmed only when the appropriate health insurance fee posts (or does not post) to the student’s Statement of Account.

*For a Waiver, students must submit proof of annual adequate health insurance. Make sure you check with your current health insurance and family members to verify your coverage will work while you're at school. 

2. Once the Select/Waive deadline passes and the student's choice has processed: 

  • A Comprehensive Plan choice stays in place for the remainder of the policy year, unless the student experiences a Qualifying Event. This applies to a default choice as well (see below). The policy year corresponds to the academic year.
  • A Waiver + WilceCare Supplement choice stays in place for the remainder of the policy year.
  • A Waiver choice stays in place for the remainder of the policy year. However, students can newly select coverage for a subsequent academic term if they do so before the published Select/Waive deadline for that term.

***AUTOMATIC ENROLLMENT: If students do not complete the Select/Waive process before the deadline, their choice defaults to the Comprehensive Plan and the fee will post to their university State of Account: default coverage is single (“student only”) or, if you are a returning member, the default coverage level is the level you selected for the previous term. This enrollment will remain effective for the full academic year. The fee will post to the student's Statement of Account for each coverage period of the policy year for which the student remains eligible.***


Note: It is the student's responsibility to view their online Statement of Account at the beginning of each term (and any time changes are made to their course enrollment) to ensure that it reflects the appropriate level of health insurance for that term, regardless of a college or university program's involvement in the registration process and/or who is paying the fee.