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January 2 Deadline

Incoming spring students who were not enrolled in autumn must Select or Waive Coverage by January 2, 2018. Eligible students are automatically enrolled and will stay covered if no action is taken. Instructions here

New Formulary 3

2018 New Drug List for SHI Benefits Plan

The Formulary for the SHI Benefits Plan updates January 1, 2018. Find a link to the 2018 list here.

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Flu Shot Reminder

The SHI Benefits Plan covers flu shots at the Wilce Student Health Center at 100%. Walk-ins are available, or schedule an appointment with the preventative medicine team. 

Be unique for health law

Be Unique

Providing your Social Security Number/TIN to your health insurance company allows them to confirm your coverage with the IRS and produce a correct 1095 tax form. Read here

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Course enrollment anchors active SHI coverage

Have you registered for classes yet? For autumn and spring, student health insurance eligibility is anchored by active course enrollment. If you are researching or writing, remember to register for corresponding classes. 

Annual Selection

Annual Selection

Once you select the SHI Benefits Plan, your coverage stays in place for the entire remaining academic year if you meet eligiblity. You cannot drop or change term by term. Changes are limited to Qualifying Events.

What We Do

We manage the university's requirement and provide options to meet it. We support students to make informed health insurance choices so they can help protect their academic progress from disruptive health care costs.

What We Offer

The SHI Benefits Plan is medical, mental health, prescription, vision and dental benefits with local, national, and international coverage. WilceCare Supplement is pre-paid illness and injury care at the Wilce Student Health Center.

Select or Waive

Each academic year students can select or waive the SHI Benefits Plan. Selection is the default. A waiver requires other adequate health insurance. Have you reviewed what you have and need?