Office of Student Life

WilceCare Supplement

The WilceCare Supplement is an option for students who waive the Student Health Benefits Plan. 

The WilceCare Supplement can help if you already have active, annual health insurance but...

Student Health Services (Wilce Student Health Center) is not considered in-network with your plan.

Your out-of-pocket costs will be high if you use Student Health Services.

Your health insurance has high deductibles, coinsurance or copays that require you to pay first.

What is it?

WilceCare is a pre-paid access to treatment for illness and injury provided exclusively by a Student Health Services provider at the Wilce Student Health Center during their hours of operation.

If you purchase WilceCare, you can utilize covered services up to a certain dollar amount, including x-rays, laboratory tests, physical therapy, minor office procedures, prescribed medical supplies in stock, and office visits for the treatment of illness or injury. You can also fill prescriptions up to a certain dollar amount,  with medications subject to a 10% cost share for generic drugs, 20% for brand name drugs with no generic available, and 50% for brand name drugs with generic available. Each eligible prescription is also subject to a minimum $10 payment.


So, it's an insurance plan?

No, it is not an insurance plan. It is pre-paid care at the Wilce Student Health Center on the Columbus Campus and can be purchased only in addition to a student's existing annual health insurance coverage submitted in a waiver.

Student Health Insurance reviews the annual health insurance information you submit with your selection of the WilceCare Supplement each semester you are enrolled in the WilceCare Supplement.  If it cannot be verified, you are asked to provide more information. (i.e. health insurance ID card, certificate of coverage) If your other active annual health insurance cannot be verified, the fee for the Student Health Benefits Plan will be placed on your statement of account.

 Note: The Wilce Student Health Center may ask students seeking care to provide their primary annual health insurance ID card.

Why does it exist?

WilceCare has been designed to meet the needs of Columbus campus students with annual health insurance plans that only provide regional coverage for basic care services, or that provide coverage subject to high deductibles, co-pays or co-insurance, or that have limited access to in network providers. 

What's my deadline to select WilceCare?

You can select WilceCare during the Select/Waive period and before the published, Select/Waive deadline of any academic term. The fee is the same regardless of the term of purchase. Once you purchase WilceCare, it is effective for the remainder of the academic year and cannot be waived or refunded.  

What does it cost?

WilceCare is currently $250 per student per policy year. The fee is collected once per year. Students may enroll at the beginning of any academic term, but the cost will remain the same regardless of which school term WilceCare is purchased.

What if I miss the deadline?

Your next opportunity to select WilceCare will be the next term if you make your selection before the select/waive deadline for that term. For example, if you missed the autumn deadline, you can select WilceCare for spring term before the spring select/waive deadline.  

If I don't have WilceCare, can I still be seen at the Wilce Student Health Center?

Yes. The only requirement to be seen at the Wilce Student Health Center is that you are an enrolled student at Ohio State. Additionally, students can also be seen for one subsequent semester. As a student, it is your responsibility to understand your insurance benefits and to fulfill your financial liability for services received at Student Health Services at the Wilce Student Health Center. Visit the  SHS website or contact them for additional insurance questions and or to confirm current fees. The Wilce Student Health Center participates with several major insurance carriers.