Office of Student Life

Student Health Insurance

2023-24 WilceCare Supplement


  • WilceCare is a pre-paid on-campus medical and prescription drug package for available illness and injury services provided *exclusively* at Student Health Services at the Wilce Student Health Center during their hours of operation. WilceCare is not health insurance--it is an option to supplement other annual health insurance.
  • 2023-24 WilceCare pays up to $2,000 per coverage period for available, covered medical expenses, such as office visits for the treatment of illness or injury, x-rays, laboratory tests, physical therapy, minor office procedures, prescribed medical supplies in stock.
  • 2023-24 WilceCare pays up to $225 per coverage period for prescription medications. Medications are subject to a 10% cost share for generic drugs, 20% for brand name drugs with no generic available, and 50% for brand name drugs with generic available. Each eligible prescription is also subject to a minimum $10 payment.
  • You will not get an ID card for WilceCare. As part of the selection process, you gave consent to share your eligibility and selection with Student Health Services. Therefore, when you report to the Wilce Student Health Center to utilize WilceCare, presenting your BuckID will be sufficient.